It’s nice to see that GeoServer is getting some recognition from those in the wider commercial GIS world. Tele Atlas, the map data provider famously known for providing its road data to Google Maps, has written a white paper on “Open Source Map Rendering.” The white paper zeros in on GeoServer as its open source solution, so we all felt our ears burning around here.

The paper guides users through the rendering of Tele Atlas data using GeoServer and related software such as PostGIS and OpenLayers. The paper and its data are only available to members of Tele Atlas’s DeveloperLink network.  (If you are not a member of DeveloperLink, you can sign up.)  Once logged in, the paper can be found in Technical Tools / Training & Technical Information / White Papers (Direct link)

I found this white paper to be a simple and helpful tutorial, regardless of whether one is working with Tele Atlas data or not. There are copious links to GeoServer’s documentation as well as to forums on the Tele Atlas site, so the reader is never lacking in avenues for finding out more information. It is a testament to the robustness of GeoServer that a high-quality commercial data provider such as Tele Atlas is recommending GeoServer’s use to their customers.