I’d like to quickly congratulate the uDig developers team for releasing the newest version of uDig.  uDig 1.1 has a venerable history.  Quite a venerable history, as releases go.  In fact, I think uDig might be in line for some kind of Guinness-style award for having the most release candidates (with 14 RCs and even 3 Sanity Checks).  I certainly don’t mean this as a dig (sorry, couldn’t help myself); it just shows that the team wanted to be sure to release a quality product as free of bugs as possible.  That said, the GeoServer team does feel slightly better about our growing number of release candidates (currently at 1.7.0-RC4).  No matter.  uDig is an excellent desktop GIS product and is a great complement to GeoServer.  (I personally have always appreciated its ability to generate SLDs quickly and painlessly.)  Go check it out.

**Update: **I’ve been asked off-camera about uDig’s editing capabilities.  uDig does in fact follow the WFS-T(ransaction) standard, and is one of the best clients out there for doing so.  In this way, one can use uDig to edit features served using GeoServer from the safety of a familiar GUI.  That’s big news (shapefiles and other data structures can be rather opaque to edit otherwise) and I think it merits a mention here.