GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.4-RC1. This release contains a set of bug fixes and minor improvements compared to 2.4-beta, including:

  • Some love to the layer group edit page, fixing style editing

  • Improvements in the CSS extension editor

  • A number of fixes in the CSW community module (scheduled to graduate to extension real soon now)

  • Making GML3 GetFeatureInfo output work against rasters too

  • A bunch of minor fixes to the new KML module

See the GeoServer 2.4-RC1 release notes for more details.

The next release candidate is scheduled in two weeks. If we don’t hear about major bugs reported against 2.4-RC1, we’ll release it as 2.4.0:  user community, your turn, please test RC1 now and let us know if anything major does not work as you expected. If you discover any issue, report it in our bug tracker and if you still do not have a login, you can create one at Codehaus (valid for all Codehaus services, including the GeoServer bug tracker they are graciously hosting for us).

About the GeoServer 2.4 series

GeoServer 2.4 continues our 6-month release cycle.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • We strongly encourage all interested parties to take part in testing GeoServer 2.4-RC1

The following change control requests were completed during the development of GeoServer 2.4:

Articles and blogs during GeoServer 2.4 development: