GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.4-RC2 with a few last minute additions:

  • Catalog Service Web has graduated to a formal Extension, including new admin page and many fixes

  • A fix for those using Tomcat Apache Portable Runtime

  • Removal of the VPF Extension

  • See the GeoServer 2.4-RC2 release notes for more details

This is our last shot before FOSS4G so we really need to call out to our great community and ask for your assistance with testing. There are two aspects where your your help is vital:

  • Our developers are not in position to test on every platform, so if we need to ask for assistance testing in strange environments (like Windows or WildFly)

  • In a similar fashion the developers tend to play with a few specific sample datasets which have been donated to the project for this purpose. If you can test with your own data and confirm everything works as expected it will save us both any surprises

To quickly report back success, drop a message on twitter with the #GeoServer tag!

If you discover any issue, please let us know using the bug tracker (Use xircles to set up a CodeHaus login).

About the GeoServer 2.4 series

The following change control requests were completed during the development of GeoServer 2.4:

Articles and blogs during GeoServer 2.4 development: